Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Online Printing Myths vs. Facts

Contrary to what they say, what you don’t know can actually hurt you. This is true for online printing. Most people would say that online printing is too technical, expensive and can only accommodate prominent businesses for their needs. These are just some of the wrong notions most people have with online printing. In fact, online printing offers you professional printing services that can be adjusted depending on your budget. Just like your business, online printing companies aim to reach out to a larger percentage of consumers which is why it can provide you with more options compared to your local printers.

A lot have been said about the benefits of online printing over traditional printing. Some still do hesitate in availing it because of some inconsistencies with technology. Furthermore, most are concerned with quality and legitimacy issues primarily because it is not done conventionally and personally. To help dispel wrong notions on online printing, this article will feature common myths and the facts that will resolve them.

Myth # 1. Online printing is too expensive.
Some people observed that most quotations for online printing are much more costly than traditional printing.
Fact: Online printing is actually cost-effective. It is indeed relatively cheaper compared to traditional printing. These services face a tough competition which means that each kind will compete to provide you the best service in the most reasonable price. They also offer discounts on bulk orders and with cheap shipping rates by having several orders in one box at the same price.
Myth # 2. Online printers aren’t professional.
Admittedly, some large online printing companies have poor customer service and ethics. However, these traits do not sum up all of online printers.
Fact: Online printers are recognized as professional services. To assure their efficiency, they use the latest state-of-the-art technologies for digital printing. It is actually the fastest and most flexible printing process and can even accommodate other printing materials other than paper such as cloth and plastics. Furthermore, some online printers offer free job quotations and design advice. They may even provide you samples if you need to canvass or review their quality of work. Most printers also have their own delivery services. Some even accommodate direct mail marketing campaign. In this way, you can ask your printer to print and market your cards for you. Another advantage in online printing is that it does not take too much of your time since their production work around the clock. In perhaps as little as ten minutes, you can send in an order for printing and have it delivered overnight.
To answer your issue in a good customer service, it is advisable that before you choose your online printer, call them up first and see to it that they have responsive customer service centers. Actually, some online printers offer assistance while you work on your project. One good example is PrintingForLess.com which has a devoted sales team that follows your project from start to finish.

Myth # 3. Online printers guarantee no safety.
Online printing security concerns often include unsecured buying and dealing and poor quality prints.
Fact: Online printers prioritize security and quality. A good online printer is one that uses secure online shopping services and provides ample caution to interested buyers. When it comes to the quality, good online printers seek your approval first by sending you a proof copy of the material to be printed before producing a mass scale. Furthermore, some online printers offer a full refund if you are not that satisfied with the end-product. How many local printers have the same offerings and guarantees?

Myth # 4. Online Printing cannot accommodate rush jobs.
Because the transaction is done only virtually, most people think it cannot accommodate special favors such as rush printing.
Fact: Urgent printing is possible. Almost all online printers accommodate urgent printing and promise delivery within 12-24 hours. Like in your local printers though, it may result to an additional cost.

Myth # 5. You have to be technical when dealing with online printers.
Some think that all online printers do is print. Their reason why they prefer local printers is because their local printers can provide design templates and can accommodate design instructions instead of a finished product. What they don’t know is that all these are still possible with online printers.
Fact: With online printers, you just have to be you. If you are not confident with your designing skills, a good online printer offers services of templates where you can pattern your prints into. Templates range from brochures, pamphlets, flyers and to tarpaulins and banners. You can still customize your prints according to your taste. A good online printer is also one that is an expert on their craft. Your online printer should handle printing technicalities and be transparent with you if there will be issues such as file type compatibility and the like.
Most myths on online printing that were debunked on this article do have corresponding facts to answer them. One can say that online printing, in fact, is an asset for a business of any type that is struggling when it comes to marketing. It offers you the convenience of having quick and efficient results without having to wait in publishing houses or dealing with their waiting lists.

Quick and easy service doesn’t have to mean that they are done haphazardly; hence, professional service does not entail that it is already expensive. Open your mind to some new ideas that are brought up to make your life easier and experiment on services with very good recommendations. Online printing is conceived for a purpose; why not use that purpose to your advantage?


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