Monday, July 2, 2012

Warning: Business Card Online Printing Mistakes

Every new technology needs some room for improvement. Although business card online printing is one of the major breakthrough services offered for convenience, there are some precautions that need to be considered, in order to reduce errors and unwanted expenses.

Whenever you hand out your business card, your potential client already creates a quick judgment of the character of your business. So when you give a poorly designed business card, your clients will not care about the printing company responsible for that mistake. If they do care, it may just be to avoid your service provider. But in the end, you will still be held accountable for tolerating such mistake and for not choosing wisely.
Business Card Online Printing Mistakes
To help you avoid that tight situation, this article will provide you insights on avoiding common blunders in hiring the services of online printing companies:

1.      Designing your business cards all by yourself.
If you’re the Pablo Picasso of designing business cards, then go ahead and create a design for yourself. However, even Pablo Picasso needed some pointers. These online printers are backed by professional training and years of experience in order to know the best layout, design, color combination, alignment, and material for every business card. You can provide them with your specific preferences, but also consider their expertise in printing materials, dimensions, and quality.

2.      Picking a business card online printer by default.
Whether the company has promotional offers or it’s the first website that appeared on Google’s search results, it does not mean that you should immediately settle for it. Look at other online printers and examine their services closely. Also, try to get recommendations from your colleagues.

3.      Leaving all the work to your business card online printer.
As previously stated, your business card is a reflection of your character. Meaning, whichever online service printer you hired is virtually invisible to your clients. In working with online printers, keep in mind these few reminders:
·         Paying for your convenience does not mean you can be complacent about it. You need to be assertive in providing the content and how you want it to be designed.
·         Do not forget to include a phrase that sums up the nature of your business to remind your clients when you will be useful to them.
·         Proofread the content, review the design, scrutinize the quality, and suggest improvements before you approve printing.
·         Make sure that you still respect the professionalism of your service providers, while making clear that quality is important to you.

4.      Relying too much on a business card online template.
Design templates are made for convenience and quick production, but relying too much on it compromises your goal of “standing out.” Try to suggest adding original designs to your chosen template, in order to create branding for your business.

They say, first impressions last. Put your best foot forward by avoiding these common mistakes in hiring printing services.

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